Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter morning was a complete success. The kids were up around 6am to start on their egg hunt. It was all such a blur that I didn't even think to grab my camera. Just envision lot's of squealing, the sound of cellophane wrappers and chocolate smeared faces.

The kids are currently outside (on a total sugar buzz) catching ladybugs & riding their bikes. The puppy is napping in the sun and I've got a fresh cup of coffee beside me. This is the perfect time to blog. :)

On Friday, the kids and I headed over to the local school gym to do some Easter egg decorating. It was loads of fun! I currently have several dozen glittery, googly eyed colourful eggs displayed all over the house.

There was juice, delightful sugar cookies and mini cupcakes served to help fuel the kids on and keep their creativity flowing.  

Hundreds of freshly decorated Easter eggs drying on the stage.

After all the eggs had been decorated, the kids found their way into the gym's equipment room and busted out the hula hoops.

Giant baskets filled with all sorts of goodies were handed out to the kids at the end of the event. Everybody had a blast! :)

Last night I escaped into the city and attended a CD release party with a few friends for a band called Northcote. It was held in a small venue which made it almost feel like we were all packed into somebody's basement. Very cozy and intimate.

It had literally been YEARS since I'd been out to see a live band and it was really nice.   The late night and the hour long drive home didn't really agree with me though. I think I managed to get about 4 hours of sleep before the Easter morning craziness got me out of bed. Sleep deprivation is a good old friend of mine and I've bounced back just fine. I may need a nap later though....just saying. :)

Well, I'm off to stuff a turkey and get it into the oven. The entire family is coming over later for a giant feast. I better go and find my stretchy pants now.

Happy Easter!

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