Friday, April 29, 2011

Kids, puppies and chaos...

We keep getting little tiny tastes of gorgeous weather. Teasers. It gets warm enough that the kids have been trying desperately to convince me to set up the pool. There's still a bit of a chill in the air and sometimes it even clouds over and snows a bit! So I've had to decline their requests for now.
Patience my little grasshoppers. :)
It's harder than you think to get these three to sit together and smile so I can take their picture. Catie (in the pink top) was fake pouting here. You can totally see her trying not to smile :) I really need to look into get her into some sort of drama class. She's got this amazing energy and imagination which makes it seem like she's constantly on Broadway or something. Some days I can handle it, other days...not so much. She's taught me how to be incredibly patient. :)

Packed into the car for another exploratory road trip. The roads need to hurry and dry up so we can expand our route!

I practically jumped out of the moving car to capture this flock of birds. There were hundreds of them! They all took flight at the same time and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. It's always nice when that happens. :)

The evening sunsets are as gorgeous as ever. I wonder how many hundreds of photos I'll take of them THIS summer? Lot's I'm sure. :)
The puppy is getting bigger by the day. One thing that causes me concern is that she likes to eat everything. Shoes, stuffed animals, my decorative throw name it. I have to make sure to carefully scan every room to make sure there's nothing she can get into. She definitely keeps me running!

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