Friday, May 13, 2011

Electrocution and Bumblebees

Blogger crashed hard yesterday so I didn't get a chance to publish a post. Oh well - better late than never right?
It was such a beautiful day that I decided we should have lunch out on the veranda.
Catie approved. :)
Seamus is showing me here that his potato chip looked like a dinosaur foot - and indeed it kind of did :)
The puppy sat patiently under the table waiting for any crumbs that might happen to come her way. 
I put my feet up for a bit and enjoyed the warmth of the sun - also taking note that I need a pedicure quite badly.
After lunch, we hopped in the car and went for a ride. I took some pictures of this pretty horse on a farm nearby. I went right up to the barbed wire fence and the horse just stared at me. (I'm pretty sure I photographed this horse last summer too :)

The gravel roads were even more treacherous than before and I had to drive through some pretty rough spots. Catie got nervous and wanted to go home. Silly girl. I guess my driving makes her a little nervous. It makes ME a little nervous too actually. :)

There are ducks in this pond somewhere..but you can't see them because they all swam away before I could photograph them. ;)

Upon arriving home from the car ride, I noticed a rotten egg smell in and around the house. Yep - a gas leak. Thankfully a dude came to fix it before I accidentally blew the house up. We stayed outside most of the afternoon just in case. :)

AND THEN, the toilet overflowed. The best way to end an adventurous day wouldn't you say?

Today was spent in the city running errands. I stocked up on espresso beans and veggies. Also, I rescued Catie from a giant bumblebee that was bobbing around in the bathroom while she was bathing tonight. I didn't know she could scream that loud! AND THEN later after all the kids were in bed I managed to electrocute myself again while doing laundry. There's obviously a short somewhere. I swore like a trucker and then felt mildly thankful for the cheap electro-shock therapy I'd just received. 

Okay...its now relax time. The electrocution pretty much did me in for the day. Have a great weekend!  

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