Monday, May 9, 2011

Not quite over the hill...

Yesterday was Mother's Day AND my birthday - how lucky is that? :) 
I turned 35. THIRTY FIVE!! That's only 5 years away from FORTY. did that happen?'s fine. I only feel about 19 so there's really no need for me to panic. Not yet anyway...
I got a sweet three hours all to myself when the kids went to a birthday party. It was pure awesome :) 
I decided I would treat myself to a hot shower where I could just take my time and enjoy it. Normally it's like a race to get a shower in - lot's of frantic lathering and rinsing while wondering if anyone is trying to burn the house down.
I got out the fancy body wash, face scrubs and all of the other accessories required for the perfect shower.
The shower started out really well, but things went horribly awry after I'd rinsed out my shampoo. I was casually lathering up my boob area when I noticed what looked like a freckle there. I was thinking 'Hmmm...I don't recall having a freckle there...OH MY GOD!!!'
Yeah, it totally wasn't a freckle. It was a freakin' WOOD TICK.  
** Insert maniacal screaming here **
Actually I remained quite calm and casually plucked it off of my BOOB and washed it down the drain. *shudders* 
Later that day we all headed over to Grandma & Grandpa's for an awesome barbecue.
It was a lovely evening so I wandered around and snapped a few pictures - all the while being careful not to roll around in the grass for fear of wood ticks. We found several on the puppy later that night which didn't help matters. It's just one of those things you have to deal with when you live out in the country. I'm sure I'll get over it soon enough.
Seamus climbed a tree and got stuck :)
The girls hung out in Grandma's kitchen and watched her put candles on the chocolate birthday cake.
Yummiest chocolate cake ever! There was raspberry jam between each of the 4 layers. SO good. :) 
Mom decided it would probably be a bad idea to put 35 candles on the cake - so we just kept it to 5. No use risking burning the house down or losing any eyebrows. :)
All in all it was an adventurous and wonderful day.
Now please excuse me while I go and check my boobs for wood ticks.

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