Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer is here!

The past couple of days have been really awesome. The weather has warmed up a lot and its just about swimming pool time.
I've adjusted really well to the wood tick situation - calmly plucking them from dogs and children when necessary. Thankfully they haven't bothered me much at all. I casually check behind my ears and randomly whip off articles of clothing to inspect myself. So far so good :)
The kids have been spending more and more time outside and so has the puppy. This means the atmosphere inside the house is a little calmer and I can hide out in here when I need a bit of a break.

Digging for worms.

Lulu hanging out by the fire pit. Can't wait to sit and roast marshmallows and look up at the stars at night. Oh and one word:  S'mores!!

Seamus is ridiculously cute with his missing front teeth. He's even cuter when he talks.

Seamus and the puppy in action, dirt flying everywhere!
I've discovered holes all over the yard which can only be the work of Lulu. I'm just glad she hasn't figured out how to dig under fences yet ;)

Budding trees.

Yesterday, after a bit of cajoling, I convinced my brother to come over with the lawnmower, rake, clippers and his truck.

I'm determined to get an awesome garden planted by the end of the month, but it needs ALOT of work before that can happen. Last summer I just let the weeds take over and things just got out of control. I wasn't really in the mood for such a huge undertaking, having just left a 16 year relationship. I was still in a bit of shock and awe about it all. I needed time to regroup. I'm ready now though. Boy am I ready :)

You can't really tell just how bad it is by the picture below. But believe me - it wasn't pretty. I was the official chopper of weeds and my brother would rake everything into a pile.  

I'm not sure what kind of weeds these were. All I know is that they were evil and a lot taller than me. :)

This was after about 4 hours of work. You can actually see the back fence now. It looks SO much better.

 I've been keeping my eye out on this tree every day because when it finally does bloom, the pretty pink cherry blossoms are absolutely breathtaking. Sadly, they only last a few days.

This is a cool old shed in the backyard that was previously being used by the kids as a playhouse to make mud pies and play hide and seek. My brother and I cleaned it up and now it can be used to store tools and sprinklers and hoses..

It would be so awesome if I could renovate this shed and turn into a cool little art studio. I would sit in there sipping my coffee, listen to the birds chirp and work on my jewelry. There'd even be a little spot where I could get cozy and take a nap.
Sounds lovely doesn't it?

Okay, I better post this before something gets deleted. Blogger is acting weird and its literally taken me all day to write this. Thankfully am I a very determined blogger. :) 

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  1. Hi, stumbled acros syour blog on the "yummy Mummy" blog list. I lovethis post. Especially the part about turning your barn into an art studio...mademe feel all day-dreaming. I too would love a little spot to just be me, peaceful and quiet. I have less space than you though, it seems. Last summer I cleaned out a small peice of land behind our shedin the backyard. It is the only place on our outdoor property where someone can go, and not been seen unless you are looking for them. I planted pretty flowers in this small space, and used it to secretly drink red wine, steal puffs of ciggies and write after my daughter went to bed. lol. This year I'm expecting, so I do without the wine and occasional puff, and just write instead, lol.