Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tim Horton's Community Cleanup

Today was another awesomely busy and fulfilling day. The kids and I joined up with the Brownie & Girl Guide troops this morning to help out with the Tim Horton's community cleanup.

We wandered up and down streets and through the park picking up garbage and making the town look pretty.

The Brownie and Sparks leaders are so wonderful. They just love the girls and are always doing fun things with them. I honestly don't know where they get their energy! :)

Seamus was super impressed with the blue rubber gloves we were given to wear. He spent most of the time trying to blow them up like balloons. Hmm...wonder where he learned THAT from? ;)

I was delighted to discover that the park/campground area was absolutely covered with moss. I did not hesitate to grab as much of it as I could. I use it to make my living moss jewelry and I like to just have it growing on my windowsill. :)

Check out all the garbage we picked up! The town was sparkling after we left - and minus quite a bit of moss....;)

It felt really good to participate in such a wonderful event. Afterwards we sat down and enjoyed a really awesome lunch in the park. Sandwiches, veggies with dip, cupcakes and puffed wheat cake. Food always tastes so much better outside don't you think? :)

I feel such awe and amazement when I think about all the wonderful people we've met and friends we've made since we've been living here. Everyone is genuinely kind and caring - rare qualities these days. We are truly blessed. :)

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