Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wild Wednesday

Today went by in a blur. You wouldn't think 12 hours feels like a blur - but with three kids, a puppy and a kitty mixed in with housework, yardwork and really flies by!

It was a warm sunny day so I herded (forced) everyone outside to play while I wandered around with my camera.

Everything is finally starting to bud! Can't wait until these lilac bushes are blooming :)

The puppy rolled around in the grass and followed me all over while I snapped pictures.
Belly scratches! :)

The kitty stayed back while we were outside and snuck a nap on the puppy's cozy bed. He'd been out on an adventure the previous night and didn't come home until lunchtime. I was worried he had gone missing, but turns out he was just partying. Silly cat.

The puppy chased those big, fat bumblebees...and the bumblebees chased me. You know, it's pretty hard to maintain any dignity when you're running around flapping your arms all over the place. I don't think anybody saw me though :)

I caught her daydreaming in this picture.

After about 10 minutes, the kids all disappeared back into the house and did whatever it is kids do whenever there's no adult supervision. Mine decided it would be super awesome to pour themselves huge glasses of milk and then add multicoloured sprinkles to it. Just add straws and you have the perfect summer beverage. They didn't even offer to make ME one :)

This puppy has a crazy long tongue. The kind of tongue that might easily get caught under the dishwasher rack rollers if she just happened to be licking it...while I was loading dishes. *cough* cozy bed is calling my name. I'm going to retreat there with some tea and a good book and then promptly pass out happily with exhaustion. :)

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