Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Moms Who Need Wine

It got pretty warm here today - the hottest day so far that's for sure. The house has stayed fairly cool, but I brought the fans out just to keep the air circulating. The kids are busy talking into them, making their voices sound robotic (and annoying). Well at least they're not whining or beating the crap out of each other right? They'll do that later mostly likely..

Took the kids for a bit of a car ride this afternoon and wandered around in a farmer's field taking pictures.

 I drank way too much coffee, vacuumed the rugs,  soldered some jewelry, rummaged around for chocolate and found none, watered plants, entertained children, attempted a nap on the couch while being sat upon, wished I had some Valium. You know -  typical mom stuff. 

The kids are currently winding down from their day with some Bugs Bunny cartoons while I listen to the drone and hum of the washer and dryer and stare at a sink full of dishes.

I'm thinking once they're all sleeping soundly, I'm going to pour myself a tiny bit of wine and get all cozy on the couch with season 1 of The Big C. This is a totally awesome show by the way. Laura Linney is in it and frankly, she kicks so much ass. I love her character - a woman who find outs she has cancer and then suddenly starts to really live life and no longer takes any shit from anybody. I can kinda relate to her - minus the cancer part of course. :)

And so I'll leave you with a few more pictures from my backyard wanderings....

Now for some wine....

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