Sunday, June 26, 2011

Whoah. Crazy weekend.
Sleepovers, escaping puppies, too much coffee & not enough wine, thunderstorms, crafting, bumblebees, reading, cloud watching on the veranda...and of course - picture taking. :)

This cute little bee was hanging out with me while I was being crafty last night. There's a spot somewhere in the house where these little guys keep getting in. Anyway, until I figure out where that spot is, I just keep on catching and releasing them. 
Miss Catie sat and had coffee with me on Saturday morning. She asked with a very serious expression on her face 'how do chickens make the sun come up?' I think she was probably referring to roosters, but what an awesome question!  
I think she gets cuter every day :)
A crazy thunderstorm rolled in on Saturday evening. Nothing too exciting happened really and it was pretty much over by the time I finished running all over the house closing windows. :)  
Here's Seamus hangin' with Lulu after she returned from one of her adventures. She was off running around town & butt sniffing with the new neighbour dogs again. She sees them wander by and just hops the fence to join them. It's quite a sight. :) 
It's been a strange Sunday - sunny one minute and then raining the next.
I've been busy staying up late and making a bunch of stuff for an upcoming trade show.  I think I have a pretty good amount of inventory so far. I still have 2 more weeks to crank out as much stuff as possible.
These wristlet key fobs (shown above) are made from this awesome vintage fabric my mom found in her stash. I have tons of it and as soon as I'm not running around like an idiot, I might actually try and sew something with it. :)
The necklaces (shown below) are all made using my own photography - except for maybe one.
Okay, I'm feeling like maybe a Sunday afternoon nap is in order now. The kind that may involve slight drooling and a little snoring. It's cool and raining out - perfect napping weather.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend :)

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