Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Week in Review..

I can't believe we're a month into summer holidays already. The kids and I have settled into a wonderful routine out here in the country. They've actually been sleeping IN! Some days we don't roll out of bed until close to 9am, but usually its 8am or somewhere in there. The kids usually spend the first hour lounging on the couch watching Spongebob while I putter around in the kitchen listening to CBC Radio 3 (I'm addicted) and grinding coffee beans to make the strongest coffee I can possibly handle. The day is generally a blur after that :)

It's been kind of a wild and crazy past week. I've been busy working on a bunch of new stuff for my Etsy shop and for an upcoming trade show on Saturday. Feels like it takes a monumental effort to get much of anything done with three little munchkins running around, so I try and just do what I can. I think I've accomplished quite a bit so far, despite the chaos and non-stop interruptions :)

Here's a sample of some of the stuff I've been working on:

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I had a bit of a scare this past Wednesday when I went for my annual physical. The doctor was showing me how to do a proper breast exam when she noticed a lump in my left breast. She said it was probably nothing, but that she would send me to the hospital to get it looked at just in case. I didn't really think too much of it at the time. She didn't seem overly concerned at all so I stayed calm too. Then we moved onto the pap smear and all that talk about lumps was soon forgotten :/

It all kind of hit me later that night after I'd put the kids to bed and was tidying up the kitchen. What if it was something more serious? Just what IF? My mind explored all of the possible outcomes. Breast cancer? Maybe just a cyst?

I could actually feel the lump in there - a lump I'd never noticed before. I panicked briefly, but then I snapped myself out of it and was okay with it all. I guess with all of the adventures and changes I've had lately, I've learned to just accept what IS and just go with the flow. Life is so much easier when you do it that way you know. Some people will sadly never figure that out ;)

I drove into the city on Monday for my appointment at the hospital. I was kind of in a daze the entire time. It was like I was just watching this all on television or something - some sort of strange reality show.

I made my way to administration and was then directed to go to the Breast Screening wing. I changed into a gown and then sat in the waiting room until it was my turn. I thumbed calmly through breast cancer pamphlets and took note of a support group poster on the wall.

My name was called and the next thing I knew my boobs were being squished as flat as pancakes. Mammograms aren't as bad as I thought. Not painful at all - at least not for me. They squish them from top to bottom and then from side to side so they are able to see the breast from all angles. I purposely avoided looking at what was going on with my boobs, although I did catch a brief glimpse. Seriously, I was amazed at how flat they can compress a boob. I'm also thankful they returned back to their normal shape :) 

I was sent back to the waiting room so the doctor could go over the results. A few minutes later they called me back in and I could tell right away that everything was fine. I just knew.

Maybe it was the way the doctor commented casually that she liked my toenail polish, or how she looked at me funny and said, 'Now, where did you say you felt this lump?'. She also did an ultrasound on my boob and showed me that there was absolutely nothing there. Just breast tissue - which is known to be ropey and lumpy to begin with.   

Relief is what I felt. And intense gratefulness. And a renewed appreciation for life. Having the shit scared out of you puts a lot of things into perspective really quickly :)
Stop sweating the small stuff, love everyone around you as intensely as possible and dont take a single thing for granted. Ever.

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  1. Oh thank goodness! *hugs*

    Stupid lumpy breast tissue! Stop freaking us out!