Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Canada Day Weekend

The past few days have whipped by in a flurry of activity. We spent most of Canada Day out at Last Mountain Regional Park. My sister, her fiance, my brother and I hauled the kids and the puppy out there for some fun. Its a quick 15 minute drive - how handy is that? :)

The kids played in the lake for awhile - the water was so nice and warm. See those trees behind the kids? That used to be the beach, but with all of the flooding this year, the beach is pretty much gone. It was so strange to see.

Uncle Jesse coaxed Lulu into the water and she splashed around for awhile too.

I dipped my toes into the water. It was wonderful. Next time we go out there I'm going to make sure to collect some pretty beach rocks and some sand for crafty stuff :)
After we'd explored the beach and the playground, we checked out the beer gardens for a few minutes and did some people watching. The beer tent was packed with people and so we took our drinks and sat behind the tent. Much quieter and more kid friendly.
We wandered over to the giant pool and let the kids do some swimming. They loved it. I sat on the edge of the pool and dangled my feet in the cool water. I was actually really wishing I had a bathing suit so I could get in there with them. :)
Seamus bobbed around the pool in his cute little lifejacket. He watched the chubby little babies and chatted with other kids. Quite the little social butterfly he was. The girls hung out together and Chloe even braved the diving board.

After the marathon swimming session, we wandered over to the concession stand by the beach. We definitely needed ice cream by that time :)

There was more playing on the beach, swinging and sliding, a yummy supper and then we waited patiently for the fireworks. The kids were super tired by that point and barely made it. The fireworks were awesome - we had front row seats. It was cool seeing them being launched - maybe a little nervewracking too when a few sparks showered down. :)

I'm pretty sure I'm going to spend most of the summer there with the kids. We'd be silly not to. It's like camping, but without all of the hard work :)

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