Friday, July 22, 2011

Heat Waves and Sun Burns

This past week has been filled with heat waves, trips to the beach and lot's of strawberry ice cream. I successfully wore my new bathing suit to the pool yesterday and swam with the kids for a couple of hours. We had a blast. Being in the pool is definitely more fun than sitting on the sidelines. I managed to get a nice sunburn too. It now looks like I'm wearing a flesh coloured bathing suit ;)

There were about 3 super hot days in a row earlier this week where I was pretty sure I was going to combust. It was a sticky, humid heat. The kind that renders you unable to perform even the simplest of tasks. We took refuge at my parents air conditioned house one afternoon and then spent the other days outside in the shade or at the lake. It all worked out just fine. Now the weather has cooled down so much that we're all walking around with sweaters on. We had some pretty crazy thunderstorms the past few nights too.

These pictures show some huge, fluffy clouds rolling in on Wednesday morning. They brought with them lot's of rain, thunder and refreshingly cool air. Thank goodness for that.

The kids noticed a strange object at the beach the other day and were completely fascinated and baffled by it. A telephone booth. Clearly nobody uses payphones anymore. It stood there like a monument, filled with spider webs and creepy crawlies.
Catie is still adjusting to the port-a-potties at the lake. She only ventures in if its an extreme emergency. She can't handle the fact that they don't flush and that they smell pretty bad. Her expression shows her concern. Poor little thing. I couldn't help but giggle. :)

I felt SO summery yesterday. Bathing suit with a sundress overtop, flip flops, beach bag, hair up in a ponytail, sunglasses and 3 giggling kids in tow. 

Today it was cool and cloudy. We spent the day watching a marathon of Spongebob Squarepants episodes and catnapping on the couch. I worked on some new jewelry and sipped coffee in between. A good day :)

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