Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August Break 2011 - Day 17

It really felt like Sunday today. I just wanted to spend the day curled up on the couch napping. Didn't happen though. I managed a bit of a nap, but was eventually tackled by a 4 year old...then the phone rang...and then something else happened. Typical :)
Chloe coloured me this pretty picture. I think the girl in the picture is supposed to be me. The chocolate smeared face probably gives it away. And I think that's my shotgun leaning against the tree there...
Only 2 more weeks before the girls return to school full time. It will just be Seamus and I home together.  They're growing up so fast :/  I'm so glad I have every day to spend with them - even if they DO drive me nuts sometimes. :)

Speaking of being driven nuts - here's Lulu. She's sitting ON TOP of the patio table. Crazy dog. She fits right in here ;)


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