Friday, August 26, 2011

August Break 2011 - Day 26

Okay, I'm not sure what happened, but it looks like I lost 3 days somewhere. That tends to happen when you're a mother - or if you've been binge drinking. I can assure you I was not drinking, although that might have been nice...

I've been pretty busy making new jewelry, editing photos, adding items to my Etsy shop, baking stuff, washing floors....lot's of excitement I'm telling you. 

We had a little fire this evening - and it was completely intentional for once.
The kids had fun roasting marshmallows and then feeding them to the dog.
See all that white fluff scattered around her? Those are the remains of my patio chair cushions. Yep. My yard looks like a bit of a war zone.

I brought out the graham crackers and my secret stash of dark chocolate and made myself the best smore ever. 
I kinda feel like I might puke now, but we all had fun and that's really all that matters right? Of course :)
I had fun playing with my new juicer the past couple of days. I managed to snag a second hand one that had been barely used. Juicers are expensive!! I got a good deal on this one though. 
The first concoction I tried was cantaloupe and red grape juice. It was really good over ice. This evening I made myself a carrot, ginger and lime juice. I took four carrots, half a lime and a small chunk of fresh ginger and put it through the juicer. I poured that over ice and it was divine. Instant burst of energy. Can't wait to experiment more with it :) 
Have a fabulous weekend! <3

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