Sunday, August 7, 2011

August Break 2011 - Day 7

Today was definitely a lazy Sunday. We spent about half the day wandering around in our pajamas with crazy hair watching Spongebob and eating Cheetos on the couch. The other half was spent out in the yard being chased by the dog and picking raspberries. There may have been some whining children and some minor swearing on my part. I drank too much coffee, cursed at the laundry, baked banana bread and admired my rocker chick, mascara smeared eyes from the night before. The power had gone out at 10:30, just as I had entered full on relax mode and was about to dive into jewelry making.
Instead of being productive, I ended up wandering around a creepy, pitch black house trying to remember where the hell I'd put the only lighter that exists. Eventually I found it in my underwear drawer - an odd place I know. (Perhaps I'd been planning on burning that pile of giant, floral patterned granny panties once and for all. We'll never know...) 
I lit a few candles, consoled all three of my screaming children and then dragged the rain soaked dog in from outside. By that time I was a little grumpy and looking forward to sweet unconsciousness. I would have welcomed a club over the head at that point. I fell asleep to the sound of thunder and the smell of wet dog.
Anyway, going to bed without washing my face resulted in that 'I've been out all night partying/crying my eyes out all day look'. Kinda sexy right? Yeah. Well, I kinda dug it so I kept it on today. It went really well with my 'I don't give a shit' hair style. 
After a hot shower and some fresh air, all was well again :) 
Looking forward to a fresh, new week and hoping to savour the last of the summer holidays with my whiny, but sweet kids :)

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