Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crazy Lady

This cold has been kicking my ass for the past few days, but I forced myself to actually get dressed today and try to look/feel human. I've been scaring myself everytime I pass by a mirror. There's been some wild-haired crazy lady staring back at me. Just ask the SaskPower dude who randomly showed up at the door to read the meter yesterday. Not only did I scare the crap out of him with my scary self, but he totally busted me watching The Golden Girls. Not my finest moment. :/

I dragged Seamus out of the house today and we went for a little car ride. We saw some harvesting going on and then I stopped by this clump of trees to take some pictures.
I've been working on some new glass pendants in between coughing, sneezing and crashing on the couch. I always feel better if I'm making stuff :)

We adopted a new little pet today. His name is Buddy. Am I crazy for adding another cute, furry animal to the family? Probably. Its a good kind of crazy though :)


  1. First of all, The Golden Girls kick ass. Second of all, bunnies are a good kind of crazy. Sickly mirror frightening is not. Feel better. ;)

  2. So sorry to hear you're not well. I'm with you there today. That wee bunny is cute as hell, and you will be too as soon that cold lets go. Love the charms by the way.