Monday, October 3, 2011

Evening Wanderings

Everybody get their shoes on, we're going for a car ride! I yelled that out tonight and children came running from all corners of the house, fumbled around and then piled into the car. Works every time! I should just start yelling that randomly whenever they drive me crazy. I'm sure I'd get at least 15 minutes of quiet before they started wondering where I was ;)
We chased the sunset down a gravel road...   
We stopped for ice cream after driving around for a bit. We sat in a booth giggling and sampling each other's ice cream. Some of the best conversations I've had have been with my three little sweeties :)
 I got out of the car on the way home and stood in the middle of the pitch black highway. It was really cool just standing there like that. I almost didn't want to get back into the car, but then thoughts of various wildlife lurking in the ditches popped into my head and I quickly jumped back into the car.
I should be in bed sleeping right now, but I've had lots of coffee and I'm enjoying the solitude far too much to even consider sleep. Maybe a hot bath followed by a good book in bed. Sounds like a plan :)

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  1. Sounds amazing. LOVE the sunset photo - gorgeous!!!