Monday, October 3, 2011

Library Voices

This awful cold is still lingering and I've had quite enough of it already. It's turned into a tickly annoying cough that keeps waking me up all night. I spent the last week in a weird haze, trying to think of ways to climb onto the roof so I could jump off :/ I'm feeling much better this week though thank goodness :) Time to get back on track - starting with exercise (groan).
I've been snapping photos here and there lately The prairies are gorgeous in the fall. I should get out there again soon to take more pictures before all of the trees are bare and everything is covered with snow.

The kids are now spending every second Saturday night with their dad, which gives me a nice break to look forward to and some time to recharge a bit. Its a win/win situation for everybody :)

I grabbed my cousin and went to see Library Voices play at The Exchange on Saturday night.  Sun Wizard and We Are the City opened for them - both amazing bands as well.

I've been listening to Library Voices CD Summer of Lust over and over for awhile now, so it was pretty awesome to see them live finally. I had a good spot right at the front of the stage and off to the side. I didn't want to get trampled in the mini mosh pit going on. I got quite a few photos, but most of them had giant heads in the way or were kinda blurry. These turned out okay...

They drew a huge crowd of all ages and we had a ton of fun. This is one of my favourite songs:

Off to be productive now. Wish me luck with that...

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  1. A cold's been kicking my butt too - SO energy draining. Blech. But...thanks for all the great musical suggestions. I'm loving them!!!