Thursday, October 13, 2011

So tired...

I think I'm reaching some kind of a breaking point. It's looming there somewhere just over the horizon. It's been 6 weeks of flus, colds and finally - strep throat. Just one thing after another around here. I feel like I've made a million trips to the doctor recently, getting prescriptions filled and administering medications. Everyone has been coughing, whining, grumpy and snappy. As of today, we're all pretty much back to normal thank goodness. 

Thanksgiving weekend was quite relaxing and all we really did was eat - which was awesome. I'm SO glad the batteries in my electronic scale are dead :)

I took Seamus for a haircut today.
He looks like a normal little boy now. 'Mom, I can see you!' he exclaimed when we got into the car.
For some reason, he's been terrified of getting his hair cut so I just avoided taking him. I finally got tired of not being able to see his eyes and his ears so I made an appointment and took him there. I would have duct taped him to the chair if he hadn't co-operated, but fortunately for him, he remained calm and let the nice lady buzz off his giant mop of hair :)

We found a little garter snake hanging out by the back steps after we got home. I put it in a little plastic container for Seamus so he could check it out.
We were hanging out on the couch together watching Spongebob and I was just dozing off blissfully when Seamus blurted out 'I can't find my snake!'.
Yeah, the snake disappeared somewhere and has yet to be found.
I don't want to talk about it.

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  1. Wait. Was the snake IN the house?!?!?! I know you don't want to talk about it and all, but c'mon! I need to know how weirded out to be. ;) Glad you're all feeling better, though.