Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Long Day

The kids are tucked in all cozy in their beds - finally. Today was a really long one. We've all got some weird flu going on again. The strangest symptom is feeling ravenously hungry ALL the time, but not actually being able to eat anything. I spent way too much time making snacks that didn't get eaten and then listening to the kids complain that they were hungry again 20 minutes later. By the end of the day I was randomly throwing food at them and pondering jumping out the window :/ 

I realized that I hadn't been outside since it snowed a couple days ago so I threw my boots and coat on, grabbed my camera and headed outside with Seamus and Catie. I told them they had to shovel the entire driveway before they could come back in the house. Heh heh :) I have to say they made an honest effort.

 Seamus has put in some serious outside playtime the past couple of days despite feeling not so great. I think the little bursts of fresh air have been good for him.  
I was glad I got out for some fresh air too. I stood quietly in the backyard while the kids were shoveling and just breathed. I probably could have screamed, but instead I just breathed calmly and deeply :) 
The yard is as pretty and tranquil in winter as it is in the summer. 

The sunrises and sunsets are so pretty in the winters out here. They're the perfect beginnings and endings to each day when combined with giant cups of coffee - or wine :) Tonight feels like a wine kind of night for some reason. 

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