Thursday, November 17, 2011

I opened the door this morning for the girls to go catch their bus and was hit by this glaring pink sunrise - and an icy wind. I snapped a few pictures and ran quickly back inside. I think I'm officially hibernating now :) 
 Ninja the kitty is busy packing on the pounds and napping all day. He's getting so fat that I can hear him whenever he's walking around the house on the creaky old floors. Sometimes I think there's a kid coming down the stairs and it turns out its just the cat. It makes me giggle :)  
 It's like a winter wonderland out there. Its been snowing all day and it feels so cozy to be in the house drinking giant cups of coffee and peering out the windows watching the snow piling up. The kids and I went out for a little while and wandered around the yard.   
I don't know what's going on, but the days are just flying by! I feel like I'm racing against the clock trying to get everything done. It's just crazy. I've been busily making jewelry, packing orders and making trips to the post office so I don't fall behind. So far so good :)  My kitchen is covered with craft supplies, bubble wrap and empty coffee cups...dead bodies...
I need to go to bed early tonight. I'm tired and my brain hurts :/ I think it's from all the whining I endured today. Crazy kids :) 

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  1. Hi there! I'm a fellow Joy-Upper. Your work is just STUNNING. Oh. I live in South Dakota and love these wide, expansive skies--so I just fell in love with your blue-sky pieces... and the grasses.. and... oh, so much. Polymer tranfers--who knew?! (Well, um, you did!) :)