Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let the Christmas Fun Begin!

The days are all kind of blending together this week, but in a good way. We've fallen into a really nice routine and everything is flowing happily. The kids are getting along with each other really well and I've been getting lot's of little things done. 
Seamus is the most awesome kid to have around all day. He's such a pleasant little fellow and keeps me highly entertained. He's fond of giving lot's of hugs and tells me I'm the sweetest mama in the whole universe.  Aww...:) 
 He loves to be I took pictures while tickling him. Most of them were a blur of little hands and feet, but this one turned out kinda cute. (You have to imagine lots of giggling along with these wiggling feet :)
The girls got out of school early today so we took a trip to the grocery store for some baking supplies. It's become a yearly Christmas tradition to make Oreo Truffles. They're so yummy!
I got everything ready for them and just let them do their thing. 
 Here they are dipping the truffles in chocolate. This is where things got a little messy, but that's the best part, right? :)
They're very serious little chocolatiers. They've even got a little assembly line going. Catie was more than happy to be in charge of sprinkle duty, while Chloe and Seamus did the dipping. 
 Mmm...they look good don't they? The kids did an excellent job.  
There's a whole tray in the fridge right now just calling out my name. So far I've been successful at ignoring them - except for maybe one or two :)
Seamus with his little chocolate mustache.
I'm trying to think of some fun Christmas crafts to do with the kids. I'd love to have a Christmas tree filled entirely with handmade ornaments this year. My sister suggested popcorn garland which I think the kids would definitely love to do. I think it will be fun! :) 


  1. That's awesome! I saw that recipe on What's Cooking and was intrigued. Now I totally have to make it with Adam now. :D


  2. Yeah! Adam will love it! :) You can put all sorts of toppings on them too - crushed candycane is my favourite - or chopped roasted almonds. Try dipping them in white chocolate too :)