Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Madness

I walked into the bathroom the other day and I noticed the tub was still full of water from when one of the kids took a bath. I also noticed the plugged in hair dryer laying on the floor. For a brief moment I envisioned myself IN the tub, turning on the hair dryer, smiling and just dropping it in. Well that kinda freaked me out so I drained the tub, unplugged the hair dryer and quickly left the room. Yeah, its been one of those kind of weeks...

Last night Seamus wandered into my room because he'd wet his bed. I took him back into his room, put some fresh pajamas on him and while I was changing his sheets he just randomly threw up. I guess he figured that wetting his bed wasn't enough so why not puke too? Thankfully his garbage can was within arms reach so he managed to puke in there.

 I have been dreading this. The unavoidable yearly pukefest. So far there haven't been anymore incidents, but I know better than to assume its over :)  
I'm keeping everybody home this weekend. We're in quarantine. The kids are basically like little germ collectors. I send them to school everyday and they're out there sticking their eyeballs on things, licking doorknobs and rolling around on the bathroom floors I'm sure. Then they come home and promptly deliver all of their germs to ME. I really should be spraying them down with Lysol before they walk in the door.  I've managed to fight off most of the stuff they're bringing home, but I still haven't been feeling too perky. 

I spent the past week curled up on the couch in total zombie mode. I was still performing all of my motherly duties and functioning just fine, but every spare moment I got I was resting. Rejuvenating. Recuperating. Rebalancing. I sipped tea in the evenings, did yoga by candlelight, had long bubble baths and went to bed soon after the kids did. I think it helped keep me sane and away from water filled tubs while holding electrical appliances :)
Have a wonderful weekend :)

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