Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin Carving & Halloween

I have NO idea where the rest of October went. It's all quite a blur really. Thank goodness I have pictures to remind me :)
We went to Lincoln Gardens last weekend and picked out pumpkins (or punkins as Seamus would say) to carve.
Seamus spotted this tiny little guy and just had to take him home.
The girls climbed all over the mountain of pumpkins searching for the perfect one.
 Catie expertly demonstrated to Seamus how you're supposed to draw out your design before carving it.
Chloe's scary pumpkin.
The weather for Halloween night was really awesome. The weather was cool, but there was NO snow and barely a breeze. No need for snowsuits or boots :)
My pirate, witch and devil just before heading out trick or treating.
We wandered up and down a few streets and the kids filled their bags in no time. Small town trick or treating is the best kept secret. People don't just toss in a couple small candy bars - they hand out little goody bags filled with an assortment of candy. Parents who drive their kids into the city to trick or treat are clearly idiots :)
So Halloween was definitely a success here. Seamus and I spent the day lounging around and digging through mountains of candy. At one point I found him laying on the livingroom rug, surrounded by candy wrappers and babbling incoherently. I decided to remove his bag of treats at that point :)
Looking forward to (a hopefully healthy) November.

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