Friday, November 11, 2011

Today was another lazy, hang out in our pajamas kind of day. We all sort of just did our own thing. The kids took turns beating the crap out of each other while I drank coffee and did my best to tune it all out :) 
I made a yummy quinoa salad with black beans and avocados. SO yummy. I tweaked the recipe a bit to suit my tastes and its definitely something I'll make again. I love it because it makes a huge bowl that I can just nibble on for a few days. Quick and easy :)
Quinoa  (pronounced keen-wa) is an ancient grain from South America that is considered a complete protein. It's super easy to cook and you can use it in place of rice and as an ingredient in a ton of other things from muffins to veggie burgers.   
My favorite source for quinoa recipes is
Seamus and Catie entertained themselves for awhile by rolling the cat up in my yoga mat. He looks all cozy in there doesn't he? Maybe a little grumpy too....
Now that everyone is tucked in and the chaos has ceased, I'm trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my evening. Crafting..bubble bath..chick flick with wine? Sounds good to me :)  

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