Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas is Underway

I finally wrestled the Christmas tree up a few days ago. It's one of those pre-lit ones that comes in three pieces and its pretty heavy, but I managed just fine I think. Maybe not ALL of the lights work and perhaps it looks like it's leaning over just a little, but that's okay. It's UP and that's all that really matters right? :)  I handed the kids the box of decorations and let them have at it.
The kitty has taken an extreme liking to the tree. He takes naps in it during the day where no little hands can reach him and he makes quite a racket batting the ornaments all over the place after the kids go to bed.  He did that when he was a kitten last year, but he's quite a bit heavier now so the tree is looking a little worse for wear. The branches are all drooping and the floor is scatted with ornaments and fake pine needles.
Sleeping like the dead.
Smirking cat.

The girls stayed home from school on Monday because they were 'sick'. In retrospect, I should have made them go. They fooled me pretty good with their big puppy dog eyes and their exaggerated coughing. I'm such a sucker. I told them they're not allowed to stay home anymore unless they're projectile vomiting and their asses are exploding. Let's see them try to fake THAT :)

My brother and I made a whirlwind trip into the city yesterday morning to take Seamus to the dentist. They sedated him pretty good so he was pretty chilled out afterwards. The dentist said he'd perk up by mid-afternoon and that it would be fine if we took him with us to run some errands. So off we went!
Things were going super smoothly until we hit Walmart. We'd pretty much gotten everything on our list when Seamus calmly threw up in the lamp isle. (Walmart makes me want to throw up sometimes too) He was laying in the bottom of the cart so he puked right through the metal bars and onto the floor. Nice work! No mess for me to clean! :) I plucked him from the cart and took him to the bathroom because he was still dry heaving a little. I feel a little bit guilty for just leaving a puddle of puke of the floor like that :/ I'm sure I'm not the only mother who absentmindedly abandons puke puddles. And besides, there were no witnesses...

And here's Buddy chilling out under the kitchen table. He's more of an observer when it comes to the whole Christmas thing. I think he'd look pretty cute with a little Santa hat or some reindeer antlers though ;)

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