Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Vacation

I've been trying to blog for well over 2 weeks now but haven't been able to find the time. I type half a sentence and then get pulled away by one of the kids and then I end up getting distracted by something shiny and then another thing and then before I know it, I'm doing a face plant into my pillow :) 
December has been calm and filled with gorgeous morning sunrises and warmer than normal weather. The kids have been playing outside a lot more which has been really nice. 
 Here's Seamus taking a well deserved break from doing some shoveling. I like his style - just laying down right in the middle of the driveway. I often do that on the kitchen floor. So relaxing ;)
On Christmas Eve day, I gathered up the crew and we went for a car ride on some of the back roads that we'd never really explored before. 
There were rolling fields and trees and snow...the usual stuff.  
We came upon this creepy old abandoned farmhouse. I would love to go back there at dusk and take more pictures, explore (and probably scare the crap out of myself).
Christmas morning was the usual blur of little hands tearing off wrapping paper and excited voices all talking at once. I was there with my crazy hair and bleary eyes and armed with my camera trying to capture it all. Had I been thinking ahead and hadn't stayed up until past 1am wrapping presents the night before, I may have thought to program my coffee pot :) 
 Seamus totally digs anything to do with Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars. Luckily Santa was on the ball with that. The cat and I have been chased around the house a lot by his new Lightning McQueen talking remote control car ;) 
 We spent Christmas day lounging around in our pajamas, snacking and playing with all the new toys. Santa was really good to the kids, but in a modest way of course. Less is always more. Plus, we still had another present opening session to go to at my parent's place later. Ooh and let's not forget the turkey dinner. 
All I could think about for the entire day was that turkey dinner. My mom bravely cooked a 33 pound turkey. THIRTY THREE POUNDS! I have never seen one that size before! (That's what SHE said.)

She slow cooked it overnight and it was so deliciously moist and amazing. I'm STILL fantasizing about it 3 days later :) I'm still full 3 days later too. Ugh. Frankly, I'm scared to put my jeans on at this point :/  But it was SO worth it. 

A lovely Christmas was had by all. Amazing family & friends, good food and good times. I was spoiled with lovely gifts of chocolate and gourmet teas, bubble bath and fancy appliances. My awesome parents got me an electric blanket to keep me warm at night. It's the best invention EVER in my opinion :) My brother suggested I roll it up into the shape of a man and dress it up like a lumberjack. *giggle*  

It's time to gather up the kids and tuck them into bed so I can have some tea, followed by a bubble bath and a date with a lumberjack. Night!

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