Thursday, December 29, 2011

Out With The Old

This past week has been all about making space for the new year. I'm SO excited to begin 2012 with a clutter-free home and light, airy rooms holding only the most basic of necessities. Anything that no longer serves a purpose has been purged.

My brother came over a couple days ago and the cleansing officially began. While the kids were distracted with their new stuff, we infiltrated their rooms and began the huge task of sorting through mountains of stuff. Its amazing how much kids accumulate in the span of just a few months!

Toys that were no longer played with and clothes that were too small or rarely worn were packed up and donated. We filled bags and bags with garbage and hauled it all out of the house. The furniture in their rooms was rearranged and now they have cozy little clutter free spaces to hang out in. Very zen.

I excitedly tackled my room too, shoving old clothes (that were too big for me!!) into bags with much pleasure. Why keep a closet full of clothes you know you'll never wear? Get rid of it all and make room for new things! :) 

After almost a week of eating too much turkey, chocolate and yummy baking, I think I'm ready for a detox.  I've been feeling pretty sluggish lately. I've been starting off my mornings with a giant glass of sparkling water over ice with a squeeze of lime. I drink a few of these every day to stay hydrated. 
I've traded my morning coffee for tea. Although I still love coffee and drink it everyday, it tends to make me feel all jittery, agitated and slightly psychotic. Tea makes me feel calm and happy. My lovely sisters got me a tea infuser and some loose tea from David's Tea. SO good :) 
I love the whole process of making tea. The whistling tea kettle, scooping the loose tea into the infuser and then pouring the boiling water over top, watching the steam rise and smelling the delicious aroma. Life is all about these simple little things :)
I try and keep tons of prewashed leafy greens in my fridge to which I add chunks of avocado, chopped roasted almonds, fresh grated ginger and then a squeeze of lime juice.  
Snacks include dark chocolate, handfuls of roasted almonds and giant glasses of carrot ginger juice.  
Right now I have a huge pot of Sweet Potato & Black Bean Chili simmering on the stove. It smells and tastes delicious! It also goes well with the winter wonderland we have going on outside :)


  1. Way to go! That's not an easy project, and one that will take me several months, once I get started. But it sounds like you're in super-good shape!

  2. It feels great when you get rid of the garbage in your life.