Monday, January 2, 2012

Detox Day 1

I started my official sugar detox today. Woohoo!  As I type this, the kids are eating Grandma's leftover birthday cake while I sip on a giant carrot ginger juice and stare at the icing smeared cake container with longing and a little bit of sadness :/  I think I'll be okay though :)
Mom's birthday party was awesome. Ridiculous amounts of Chinese food followed by marble cake, coffee and lot's of visiting and laughing. And sparklers :) 
Mom surprised us all by NOT setting herself on fire. She's been known to do that on occasion :)
Seamus did his OWN version of detoxing by puking his guts out again last night. This is the same flu Catie had right around Christmas - the kind of flu where they only puke at night apparently. Anyway, he completely missed his puke bowl so cleanup was interesting. I have to give him bonus points for puking right into his dresser drawer though. That was pretty awesome - and disgusting :) 

I'm quite looking forward to getting back to a normal routine when the girls go back to school on Wednesday. I've had enough of this puking business..and the whining and the fighting. I'm pretty sure its not normal to have both eyes twitching throughout the day. (Well, I guess if you're a mother it is.) I just glanced at the school calendar and noticed the kids have almost 2 weeks off in the months of January & February. Seriously? I think my lip just started twitching now too.   

Today is also Day 1 of Unravelling - Ways of Seeing My Self. My first assignment popped into my inbox this morning and I'm SO excited to get started! I've also made a commitment to myself to participate in the 365Project. This involves taking one photo a day for the next year. I figure since I'm pretty much ALWAYS taking pictures, this would be a fun project to do. 

I'm itching to make some new stuff for my Etsy shop. It's been about a month since I've done anything creative and I think it's making me grumpy. Or maybe its just the pms. Either way, I need to DO something other than the damn dishes and laundry!  


  1. Hi Lori,
    I'm a Lori too and a fellow student in the Unravelling class with you. Just wanted to say your charms are lovely. Wish I knew how to do that! It's very cool that you incorporate your photography into them.

    Hope your little boy is better soon! My little boys are all grown up. These "puking" days will pass.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Lori! Looking forward to Unravelling with you :)