Thursday, January 12, 2012

January Babies

January has been a wonderful month so far. The weather has been really warm and I feel like I'm getting so much done while still taking time for myself and the kids. Things are flowing smoothly and life is good. So far I've managed to beat the January blahs and the overwhelming desire to want to hibernate and grow my leg hair out. Okay, well it's a little bit out of control, but nothing scary :)
I'm SO glad we did a massive junk removal a couple weeks ago. The kids' rooms are staying clean (this is amazing!), I'm totally on top of the laundry situation and everything just FEELS better. There's still much that needs to be done, and I'm working on it here and there. I'm faced with the enormous task of washing kitchen cabinet doors. There are 30 of them :/ They look pretty clean - as long as you don't get too close to them :/  It's hard not to spend my days just washing stuff...because everything needs washing when you have kids. Everything. 

My Unravelling photography course is going well. I'm on week two right now and really enjoying it. The writing part of it is kind of stressing me out a bit which I know is a GOOD thing. It involves doing some personal digging and for some reason I'm resisting a little. I grabbed my pretty journal and started just letting words spill out yesterday. I often find it hard to let my thoughts and feelings be known. I think writing will help me finally find my voice though. 
The group of women who are on this journey with me are amazing. I love looking through all the photos in our Flickr pool and getting a glimpse into their lives. It's comforting :) The comments I'm getting on my photos are lovely and heartwarming too. 

In other exciting news, my little guy turned five a few days ago! We had a small family birthday party here for him and it was really nice. I baked a chocolate cake and Seamus helped me decorate it.
 Here's Seamus five years ago. He was only a couple of days old here. Such a handsome little man. 
I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that he's five already. The years sure go by quickly. I can see how some women have more babies a few years after they've already had a couple. Babies are wonderful. Oh God, I better stop talking about this! I should maybe just go and find some babies to hold for awhile so I can get this out of my system :) 

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