Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January Spring

It was such a gorgeous day! Usually January is a really cold, blah month, but today it felt like it should be Spring :) The snow was melting, the chill in the air was gone and I actually opened up the windows and let some fresh air in.  
The kids finally took advantage of the warm weather after a little bit of convincing from me. When they saw me putting my coat and boots on, they all ran to get dressed too. God forbid I should be left alone out there! :)  They did a bit of shoveling, threw snow in each other's faces and then whined at me about it while I wandered around taking pictures and pretended I was deaf :)
 I found this cool abandoned wasp's nest while I was foraging in the back yard. I wonder if I should leave it there or remove it? Will it's occupants return in the summer? I'd hate to mess with nature, but I'm not a huge fan of wasps hanging around and terrorizing the kids :/ 
 Later I hid in the bushes and yelled at the kids to come and find me. I should have just brought some coffee and a folding chair along. It would have been the perfect spot for a little break. I'll remember that for next time :)
The kids return to school tomorrow. Ah...it will be so wonderful! The challenging part will be trying to get them (and myself ) out of bed at 7am and out the door on time. We've all gotten used to sleeping in past nine. It was good while it lasted I guess :)

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