Friday, January 20, 2012

Laying really low...

I've been stuck inside the house ALL week and I think it's starting to make me feel a little bit crazy - more so than usual. Had I been thinking ahead, I would have hired a babysitter so I could flee - if only for a few hours. Instead, I've just been peering out the front door and fantasizing about running away down the highway. However, its WAY too cold for that nonsense :) 
To keep myself busy, I've been making weird concoctions with my juicer, taking random naps, having deep conversations with the cat and lot's of other weird shit. *sigh*
My breath smells like cat food.
With the weather being so frigid, its been the perfect week to just lay low and do stuff around the house.  Hopefully next week I'll feel perkier and more productive :) Its okay to take some time to do nothing once in awhile right? :)

The kids decided that MY computer was much more exciting than their computer. Rather than chase them away, I let them play games on it and snuck off to enjoy some quiet time. Everything was going really well for about an hour until fighting broke out, a drink was spilled and I had to insist they leave the area immediately.
And then I mopped.
The entire house.
Because there was nothing else I wanted to do.
Seamus has developed an amazing talent for bubble blowing. No fancy equipment required - just lots of bubble bath. I think he's gone through almost 3 bottles now. Keeps him busy for hours :)

It's pretty quiet around here tonight. One kid is at a sleepover and the other two will soon be going to bed.
I'll be indulging in a movie with some tea (and chocolate) followed by a bubble bath and then bed. Cozy :)

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