Monday, January 16, 2012

Resisting the Urge to Hibernate

I just love the kind of Monday mornings where everything goes smoothly. The girls rolled out of bed and got dressed without a fuss, there was no whining at breakfast and I made myself coffee without spilling anything :)
Ooh and then, I peeked out the window to see this amazing sight:
I probably have a hundred photos just like this one, but each one is unique and beautiful. Seeing that gorgeous burst of orange and pink rising above the treeline is the perfect start to my day. I didn't linger outside too long though - it's freezing out there! Today will be a good day to stay cozy inside that's for sure. I might even just stay in my pajamas :) 
January teased us with it's warm, balmy weather for the first couple of weeks, but we've now been thrown into a bit of deep freeze. I find myself fighting the urge to hibernate. My feet are like blocks of ice and my electric blanket calls out to me mid-morning, beckoning me to come back to bed. It's SO tempting. Maybe I shouldn't fight it. January has always been kind of a 'lay low' month for me. It's a good time to regroup, refocus and all of that good stuff. 
I made myself some really green juice this past weekend. It know it looks kind of questionable, but it actually tasted pretty darn good and refreshing. I juiced one cucumber, some kale, 2 carrots and a chunk of ginger. This was my first time using kale and I wasn't sure if that combination would be good or not, but it was! No gagging whatsoever :) I'm not drinking this stuff because I feel I have to. I'm drinking it because I want to. I crave it. I'm not questioning it though - just gonna go with it :)

I got this message in my Inbox this morning:

Today, just do a little bit, Lori, so that I can do a lot of bit.

That's how it works. 

Huge love, 
    The Universe

That really IS how everything works :)

I'm off to do some Unravelling and perhaps some ellipticalling - yes, that's really a word. I Googled it :)

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