Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day!

The weather has gotten so cold that the school buses weren't running today. I believe it felt like -47 with the windchill this morning. Yikes! So the kids and I just stayed cozy in our pajamas all day.

Catie played with some beads and made me a pretty necklace at the kitchen table. She's got a good eye for design. I might have to sit down with her and pick her brain for ideas :)
 Chloe played on the computer while wrapped up in my pink, fuzzy bathrobe.
 Seamus chilled on the couch in his flannel pajamas and played the Wii off and on throughout the day, stopping only to tease his sisters and for food breaks.
I spent the day working on getting my new workspace all set up. What used to be the laundry/storage room is now the laundry/office/craft area. There's even a desk and a chair so I can actually SIT down! Would you believe that for the past few years I've been doing everything standing up at the kitchen counter? Yeah! No wonder my back is always sore.  
 I love how I can see the tops of the trees in the backyard while I'm sitting at my desk - or the entire yard if I stand up a little. I couldn't handle being in a dark little cave of a room and expect to be creative. This little room gets lot's of natural light, smells like clean laundry and its where the bunny hangs out. AND it's only a few steps away from fresh coffee & tea. What more could I ask for? :) 
It will be amazing in the summer when I can open the back door and window and let in the fresh, warm air. Bliss.
You know what else is blissful? Having spent a nice, relaxing day with happy kids. Although it must have been a little bit stressful at some point. My twitching eyelids are confirmation of that :)
The kids are all tucked into their warm beds now. I just got the call that the buses won't be running in the morning. Oh dear. :)


  1. Hi Lisa, I've been reading your blog for a long time, but I don't think I've ever commented. Yours is the first post I read when it shows up in my reader. Your stories and pictures remind me of growing up in rural Saskatchewan, riding the bus, having snow days, being close to my Gramdma. You are a very relaxed Mom! (Maybe I am re-writing my own childhood, based on your stories...) Glad you have set up on work space for yourself! YOu have more than earned it. Take care.

  2. OH, and I do have some of your pendants. Love them.