Friday, February 17, 2012

February Flies By

I wandered around outside for awhile this morning taking pictures of the frost covered yard. It was so pretty and quiet out there. No wind. Just stillness.
The entire month of February has been urging me to 'just be'.
Stop moving, stop thinking, stop doing. Just stop. Everything is fine. 
Rest. Sleep. Breathe.
I make myself 'to-do' lists in the morning to make sure I get the really important stuff done and then I totally shut my brain off and space out for the rest of the day. I grab my coffee and get cozy on the couch with Seamus while he plays Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii.

 For Valentine's Day I printed off a ton of cute cards for the kids to take to school. What did procrastinating mothers do before the internet I wonder?? :)
 I baked chocolate cupcakes with pink icing and sprinkles for the kids. Then I let them eat way too many and endured much squealing and bouncing off of walls afterwards.
 My mom made these awesome heart shaped cookies for us. Peanut butter cookie on the bottom, cream cheese icing, a brownie heart with white chocolate and then finished off with pink icing. I think. Anyway, they were really good and I think my pants are probably tighter today :/
I FINALLY started sewing! For months and months I've really been wanting to jump into it, but I kept putting it off because there are always SO many other things that need to be done. Also, I was afraid I'd maybe really suck at it or not like it as much as I'd hoped.  
I'm glad I forced myself to do it because I'm really enjoying it. Despite some technical diffuculties, minor swearing and lots of seam-ripping, I've almost finished making a wrap skirt. The sewing part is easy - its trying to follow the written instructions that makes me want to pull my hair out. I usually learn by seeing and doing so this was all sorts of frustrating for me.
I feel better for having conquered my fear about sewing. I know now that when I feel afraid of doing something, it means I really need to do it! Weird how that works.
I fantasize about opening a new Etsy shop featuring awesome clothes catering specifically to short girls like me. Pants that don't need to be hemmed, skirts that don't drag on the ground...things like that. Maybe someday :)


  1. Good for you on the sewing!!! And those Valentine's are awesome - have any links you'd care to share? ;)

  2. Pinterest my dear. Do a search for Valentine's Printables and you will find lot's of super cute ones.
    After that, type in 'Ryan Gosling' and just sit back and enjoy :)

  3. Hahahahaha... thanks! Oh, and good luck with your "winter break" week... =)

  4. I appreciate the good luck wishes, but could you maybe just send wine? ;)