Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Night

The kids have been tucked into their cozy beds, the dishwasher is sloshing hypnotically and I'm halfway through a giant cup of coffee. I'm determined to make it past 10pm tonight. We'll see how that goes. Sometimes even with an extra shot of caffeine, I can barely keep my eyes open past nine.  
It was a gorgeous day outside so we piled into the car, went for a little drive and ended up at the park to play for awhile. The kids ran around excitedly and I could barely keep up with all the swinging and sliding and monkey bar climbing.
 It was fun swinging in the snow! I even got some swinging action in but had to jump off because I thought I might puke. Is that what happens when you get old? I know too much wine makes me feel like puking - but swinging? Really?  *sigh*  It might be kinda cool to puke in the snow though....
The kids are off school all of next week for winter break. I'm totally fine with that - I think. Ask me again in a few days maybe ;)  With the three of them home at once, they tend to keep themselves busy with beating the crap out of each other, fighting over weird random things and running around with sharp objects. Okay - not really, but somedays it feels like it comes close to that. *eye twitch* :)

Enjoy your weekend! ♥

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