Monday, February 6, 2012

Stinky Cats and Sick Kids

It was a total lay low kind of weekend. The kids were all feeling pretty rough with colds and coughing so we just watched movies and snacked. By Sunday night my nerves were pretty fried from all of the coughing, whining and fighting. I smiled with much relief as I watched the girls get on the bus this morning. Later, I wrestled Seamus into his clothes and dragged him to preschool kicking and screaming. I think he would have preferred to stay in his pajamas playing video games. Sorry, but this mama needs a break! I didn't feel too guilty leaving him there. He had 2 hours of coloring, crafts, snacks and snacks waiting for him. That's hardly torture :)

The kitty was stinky from wandering around outside so he got a bath this weekend. He wasn't too impressed, but he's sure fluffier now and he smells much better. The kids thought the whole thing was pretty hilarious. I may have giggled a bit too ;)
In between doing laundry, wiping noses and making snacks, I worked on some new stuff for my Etsy shop. I've been thinking about making Polaroid banners for a long time now and I finally had all the stuff to do it, and here's what they look like: 

I hung two rows of pictures in my room above my bed. It looks awesome! The girls requested I make one for their room too :)
 I will be officially launching them in sets of 8, with clothespins and hemp twine included sometime this week :)
 I made some new nature inspired 1.5" resin & polymer clay pendants & rings too.
Guess I better finish the rest of my cold coffee and enjoy the remainder of my alone time this morning. I'm going to try and avoid doing anything that would be considered 'work'. Maybe I should make more coffee and do some serious pinning on Pinterest. I avoided joining for a long time because I knew I would be addicted - and I totally am :)  

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