Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunday Sledding

I stayed up late last night having a bubble bath, watching chick flicks and drinking tea. It was awesome :)  Also, I seem to have traded my exercise and green smoothies for napping and eating meatballs. But whatever. I'm totally cool with that. A girl just needs to eat some freakin' meatballs every once in awhile you know? When the kids go back to school on Monday, I'll ditch the meatballs and get back on that damn elliptical. :)

There was a light dusting of snow last night and everything looks so pretty out there this morning. The birds are chirping, my coffee is really hitting the spot and all is well. The kids have all settled into a cute little routine of being lazy and thoroughly enjoying their days off. Seamus has been wearing the same pair of pajamas for a couple of days now. He simply refuses to get dressed which is fine by me. I haven't really gotten properly dressed for a few days either. I'm all about ponytails, bare feet and yoga pants lately. Comfort.

The kids and I drove into the city on Sunday afternoon to hang out with my cousin and her kids and a few of her friends. She lives just down the street from an awesome hill so we did some sledding for awhile.
From this picture it doesn't look very impressive, but I can assure you it was pretty cool. Its shaped like a giant bowl so there are kids sliding down from all sides right down into the bottom. We witnessed a few minor collisions, but nothing serious :)

 Afterwards we headed back to her place for hot chocolate and a yummy potluck. The adults visited and munched while the kids played. The perfect Sunday afternoon. I particularly enjoyed the quiet drive home that night. I grabbed myself a giant coffee and shortly after we hit the highway the kids passed out from all the fresh air and playing they did :) I sipped my coffee and tried to do some stargazing. It's hard to stargaze when you're the driver though. After some minor swerving, I figured I better just keep my eyes on the road ;)
I might try and get everybody dressed and outside today. I'm itching for some fresh air and maybe a car ride and some picture taking. The gravel roads should be dry by now. Wish me luck with that! :) 

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