Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Muddy Spring

I keep telling the kids to stop rolling around in the mud and they keep NOT listening to me :) Perfect example right here: 
Oh, but what fun they have out there! I spy on them through the window and giggle as I watch them joyously flinging mud everywhere. How therapeutic would that be? Maybe I should get out there after the kids are in bed and throw some mud too. I could even swear a little bit if I wanted to:)
Maybe I'll have some wine later and ponder doing just that.
Today was gorgeous. I buckled Seamus into the car and we took a short drive around to see what was happening in and around town.
The snow is almost completely gone and all of the little ponds are thawing. The skies are blue and the clouds have that 'summer' look. The winter greyness is being replaced with a warm cheerfulness.
I've been doing some spring cleaning, airing out the house and sweeping away the cobwebs. (Yes, there are actual cobwebs in this house. Mostly in the top corners of doorways where I rarely ever even look and can barely reach. Thank goodness for brooms :)  
Little spiders are coming out to play too. I frequently find them dangling from the ceiling dangerously close to my head. I'm kind of used to it now though. I rarely even scream anymore...
My evenings have been amazingly wonderful and solitary. I'm devouring books and catching up on all of the movies I missed seeing when I was busy with small babies.
I have a ritual after I tuck the kids into their beds. I pour myself a small glass of wine, put on my pajamas, get a snack and a huge blanket and then settle in for the evening with a movie. It's like being on a date, but without all of the groping. Love it.   

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