Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chubby Bunnies

Bunnies have the most adorable little mouths ever! How can you not giggle when you look at this picture? Bunnies are always smiling. Especially when they're stealthily loading up your shag rug with bunny turds. I told the kids he'll poop out pastel coloured eggs when it's Easter. I don't think they believed me..
 So it's been another week of being sick over here with the flu or something. Chloe and I are walking around like zombies, while Seamus and Catie carry on with their usual shenanigans. Chloe puked in the toilet last night while I held her hair and tried not to puke on her. Good times :)  Things appear to be getting better though - for now. It could be a totally different story five minutes from now. I've got ice cream pails placed strategically throughout the house just as a precaution.
I fled outside for some fresh air and noticed fat robins all over the yard. This one sat nice and still for me while I snapped pictures of him before tripping over a gopher hole and almost nosediving onto the grass. Maybe I should be wearing a helmet. I seem to have a problem with my coordination lately. I'll just assume it's a weird symptom of the flu.
 The above picture is a weird weed that grows in my yard. I'm not what it is, but I think its lovely and I keep finding myself taking pictures of it. I like weeds :) I can't wait until the dandelions take over the entire back lawn and turn it into a beautiful sea of yellow. Perfectly green lawns are boring and unnatural in my opinion.
March has turned out to be a cold and windy month. I went outside to sweep off the veranda and put away sleds, shovels and extension cords and I envisioned how lovely it will be to sit out there in the mornings once the warm weather arrives. The smell of the lilacs and the fresh air will go well with my books and iced coffee I'm sure :)
My plan is to live outside this summer in flip flops and cute sundresses. I'll have dirt under my fingernails and smeared on my face from digging in the garden and my nose and shoulders will be burnt and freckly because I forgot to put on sunscreen. I'll be joyfully picking weeds, watering the garden, talking to dragonflies, catching chubby frogs and taking pictures. The kids will be there too, frolicking and getting along perfectly with each other. (Yeah right;)

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