Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Polaroid Banners

Seamus and I are having a super cozy snow day today. It snowed all of yesterday and I haven't been outside yet to determine how deep it is. I can see a bit of my car, but everything else is just white. Even my shovel is buried :) So I'm guessing I have a little bit of work to do out there. Maybe after I finish my coffee I'll venture out.

It snowed even more since these pictures were taken. Its quite possible my car is completely buried by now :)
The kitty has been gone for a couple of days. Hopefully he's not buried too:/ He has a tendency to wander off so I'm not too worried yet.
I quietly launched my Polaroid banners yesterday. I've got two sets available in my Etsy shop right now - a Winter and a Summer theme.

Catie asked me why I have these banners hanging ALL over the place. They're strung up in my room, across kitchen cabinets and in the livingroom right now. It's like a Polaroid factory exploded in here :) 
I love them because I can hang them anywhere in the house and they instantly perk up the room. They add a nice little splash of colour. It's also possible that I'm a little bit addicted to making them  ;)

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