Monday, March 5, 2012

Snowball Fight!

The kids started to have that glazed look on their faces after too much tv and video games on Sunday so I enlisted my brother to help me herd them all outside. There was a little bit of protesting, but once the fresh air hit their brains, they snapped out of their fog.
They took off running into the backyard full of freshly fallen snow and kitty tracks.
Chloe and Catie hung out in this fallen tree for awhile. I even got up there too. You're never too old to climb trees right? And you're never too old to fall out of them either. :)
 Here's my brother whipping snowballs at me. I was holding a camera AND wearing glasses - clearly I should have been exempt from attack. :)
Future soccer player??
 Seamus is an expert snowball thrower - especially when his sisters are the target.  
The kids started using their sleds to hide behind the barrage of snowballs my brother playfully threw at them. There was lot's of giggling and laughing going on and we all slept like rocks that night. It was a lovely Sunday.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend too!

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