Monday, March 5, 2012

Squirrels and 80's Flashbacks

There's this awesome little squirrel who travels around town via the telephone wires and it always makes me happy when I catch a glimpse of him. I think of it as good luck when I see him.
I wish I'd had my good camera with me to get a better shot of him. Maybe one day I'll have to go driving around and see if I can spot him again :) I'll be known around town as the crazy squirrel stalker lady.
I dropped in for coffee at my parent's place and found my mom sifting through piles of old photographs at the kitchen table.
Here's one of my sister and I taken on my first day of kindergarten. Looking at this makes me smile and giggle. I'm even giggling as I type this :) There I was, trying to look all tough in my frilly floral blouse and curled under bowlcut. Mom said I wanted to walk to school all by myself that day. So she let me walk alone, but followed along behind me to make sure I made it there okay.
 Here we are hanging out in the front yard together. We had SO much fun playing in this neighbourhood. We spent every possible minute outside and had to almost be dragged in at night.
I'm thinking computers, tv's and game systems will be put away once summer hits. The kids can help me garden because I'll probably need all the help I can get! I'll outfit them with little hats, gardening gloves and watering cans...they'll love it and they will probably thank me for it one day :)
There was a stack of pictures I'd never seen before - a series of photos of my mom and I.
Had I been alone looking through them, I probably would have been a (happy) crying mess.
So much emotion comes through in this photo - a mother's unconditional love and a little girl's happiness to just be near her :)

I consider any day that involves squirrels and finding old hidden treasures to be pretty amazing. I am so grateful for all of the little amazing things I find in each and every day. To be 'awake' enough to even notice these things is such a blessing.
Okay, NOW I'm crying.


  1. Love this honey!

  2. Aww... What Shari said... You are lucky to have such memories, and such blessings. =)