Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Break

So the kids spent a week throwing up everywhere, went back to school for three days and now they're on holidays for ten days. I think that worked out alright actually. It's no fun being sick during holidays and can you imagine how horrifying it would be if they puked up all of their Easter chocolate? Yeah, not good.

We took a stroll to the park and played for awhile the other day. It was nice to get outside and enjoy the warm weather, do some swinging and sliding - and picture taking :)
I raked part of the lawn too and made a teeny tiny dent in the amount of yardwork that needs to be done. That 5 foot square patch of lawn sure does look great though! ;)
I love living in a small town and how it sometimes feels like we have the whole place to ourselves. You can often go for a walk and not see another human being the entire time - only squirrels. I suppose that could be a little creepy too...
We decorated Easter eggs yesterday. Woohoo! I spread newspapers over the table, put out bowls of dye and hardboiled eggs and then stood back to watch the action.
 They used crayons and scotch tape to make designs on their eggs and then turned into dipping maniacs.
 Seamus ended up with a red dye smeared face somehow, which was cute.

The kids (and their multicoloured hands) went outside to play after while I cleaned up the aftermath :) Somehow, in all of the chaos, I forgot to take pictures of the finished eggs.... 

We woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow which gradually turned into a complete whiteout. Our plans for a trip into the city were foiled. Instead, we're staying cozy in our pajamas and eating homemade Oreo blizzards. Because when its blizzarding out, you eat blizzards, right? :)


  1. Yup. That is totally right. And when it is stormy outside... ;)Happy Easter!

  2. I could use several of those drinks right about now :)
    Happy Easter to you too!