Sunday, April 22, 2012

Surrendering to Sunday

It's been a glorious weekend. The sun is shining, the trees are budding and I think the snow is finally gone for good. (I'm still prepared for a freak blizzard should it happen to strike though.)
Seamus took pictures of me taking pictures of him. He's quite a little photobug. I deleted most of the pictures though. Most of them were up-the-nose shots. :/
We hit the park today and I snapped a cute picture of my 3 little sweeties.
They kept me busy with requests for assistance on the monkey bars and pushes on the tire swing.
I wandered around and took pictures, gathered chunks of luscious moss for my crafty stuff and breathed in the fresh air.
I would love to spread out a blanket and read a good book under those pine trees and then have a cozy nap in the sun afterwards.
Funniest moment of the day was discovering that Seamus isn't really a fan of the teeter totter. I couldn't help but giggle while snapping pictures of him screaming in terror. I rescued him soon after I took this picture. Poor little guy :) 
I'm hoping the kids all sleep like rocks tonight. Judging from the amount of whining going on over here right now, I think they're pretty tired. That fresh air works wonders! I've been going to bed with my window wide open at night and the sound of frogs and ducks lulling me to sleep. Heavenly :)

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