Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Survival Mode

I just made it through a really rough several days with three sick kids and now I'm sitting here this morning sipping my coffee with the sun streaming in on me, birds chirping and I'm feeling very happy. Everyone is feeling 99% better, the girls are back to school and I can finally breathe again. Thank goodness for this amazing mechanism mothers have which I can only describe as a combination of being in survival mode and on auto pilot. It prevents us from losing our minds and remaining calm even as chaos is happening all around.

I found this on Pinterest and thought it summed up my past week very well:
Indeed :)

Some of the the students at my daughter's school had the amazing opportunity to work with Misty Wensel, a dance teacher at Fadadance in Regina. Last Thursday I went to see Catie performing with her fellow grade one classmates. It was SO adorable and I'm so proud of how well she did. She's a natural :)
Catie is in the dark pink - second last on the right :)
Catie is already the eccentric artist type which I think is wonderful of course. Sometimes her eccentricity drives me a little crazy when it comes to everyday matters, but I've learned to just go with the flow and simply accept the fact she requires half an hour to find just the right pair of socks :)  

My mom loaned me some of her gardening books this past weekend. I gathered them up, along with my coffee and a little notebook and escaped outside for some fresh air.
The kids followed me outside, got their bikes out of the shed and rode around a little bit. They didn't last too long though. This weird flu just sucks all of the energy out of them and they soon returned to the couch with their cozy blankets - leaving me all alone. Blissful :)
I lingered outside for a few minutes longer and soaked up the much needed sun and solitude. I also came to the realization that gardening consists of much more than just throwing seeds in the dirt, watering them and expecting them to grow.
Thank goodness I'll have my mother to lean on for advice and direction - and daily reminders to water my plants. I hope she joins me for coffee in my garden on hot sunny days too :)
Goodbye winter :)

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