Tuesday, May 8, 2012


The lilacs are growing really fast and I'm getting excited. I can almost smell them if I concentrate really hard :)
Seamus snapped this picture of us while we hung out on the veranda today. I sipped iced coffee and he drank coke through a plastic bunny straw.
Soon these little buds will explode into pretty pink blossoms and I will spend too much time taking pictures of them from all angles and then pressing them carefully between pages of books to preserve their beauty.
I love Spring.
This is the long grass in my backyard where all the wood ticks hang out. I've plucked wood ticks from each kid so far and then had nightmares about having ticks on ME. I even whipped my pants off in the kitchen the other day because I was certain there was one crawling on me. This is kind of becoming an annual tradition for me :)  Time to get the mower out right?
It was my birthday today. I turned 36 :)
My family threw me a great party that involved yummy food and an amazing chocolate cake. Good times :)
The girls made me pretty cards and a cute plastic beaded bracelet and matching necklace. Adorable.
I also got a new bistro set for my veranda where I can sit and drink endless iced coffees all summer. I feel spoiled and exhausted so it must be time to fall into bed.
Night! ♥

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  1. Happy birthday! :D

    I guess we are officially in our late 30s now. Might be able to get another year out of "mid-thirties"! hehehe

    Glad you had an awesome birthday.