Sunday, May 6, 2012

Breaking Ground

It's been an exhausting but very productive weekend. We finally broke ground for our new garden! Originally I was going to have it at the very back of the yard where there'd already been a garden. It was SO far away from the house though which would make it inconvenient to water and just not as accessible as I would have liked. It was decided that we would just make a new one! The yard is certainly big enough for it. Four hours of rototilling later and we had a nice big garden carved out. It still needs to be worked up a bit more, but it should be ready for planting in a couple weeks. Yay!
 Chloe helped rake clumps of grass from the garden while Catie, Seamus and I looked for earth worms. Having a garden will be so much fun. The kids are already making lists of the vegetables we'll grow and drawing out a little map of where everything should go.
In between digging for worms, Seamus could be found chasing and being chased by puppies.
The yard already feels more serene just knowing there will be lot's of yummy things growing in this lovely space very soon.  
 The neighbourhood kids (and puppies) ran across the street and played soccer in the field for awhile. Lot's of laughing and squeals of delight could be heard from where I stood smiling on the veranda.
The kids are sleeping peacefully right now and I'm almost too tired to move. I'm thinking its time to get cozy on the couch with a good movie and a snack. It feels like I've been on the go for days and days...
Hope you enjoyed your weekend too!

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  1. Happy Birthday from your future husband ;)