Friday, May 25, 2012

Feeling squirrely

It rained for three days straight after we planted part of the garden. There wasn't much I could do outside, so I puttered around the house instead and tried to be patient for the sun to reappear. The laundry kept me more than busy..and its still not finished. It never will be :)

I was gazing out the kitchen window watching the rain drizzling down, when I noticed a squirrel playing on the roof of the house next door. Of course I immediately grabbed my camera and went outside to snap a few pictures of him. I may or may not have been wearing pants...
He didn't scurry away like I thought he might. Instead he just stopped and stared at me for a minute, maybe hoping I'd feed him some treats - or maybe wondering why the hell I wasn't wearing pants :)
"Have you seen my nuts?" (That's how I interpreted his quizzical expression :) 
When I clearly had no treats to offer him, he scurried away and went about his business.
The lilacs are finally starting to bloom now, tiny buds bursting into pretty little flowers. My cherry blossoms are looking pretty rough after three days of wind and rain. They're all soggy and droopy.  I'm trying not to be too sad :( 
The clouds finally disappeared yesterday evening and the sun popped out briefly before setting. I woke up this morning to clear blue skies and crisp air coming in through my window. And then a giant cup of heavenly coffee sipped slowly on the veranda.   


  1. hahaha Pants are overrated! Your squirrel has quite the coat. We usually see black and grey squirrels here in BC.

  2. No, no... the squirrel was wondering where *your* nuts were. ;)

  3. Bahaha! :) Oh Kate, we'd be dangerous together - especially if there was wine involved :)