Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's May!

It's pouring down rain as I'm typing this. I have my windows open and the smell of fresh rain is wonderful. The loud cracks of thunder and flashes of lightning makes the hairs on my neck stand up. I love a good thunderstorm - I hope we have lot's of scary ones this summer. The kind that rattle the windows and knocks out the power.
It was SO gorgeous and sunny here yesterday. I had coffee with my parents on their deck while Seamus dug in the dirt for earthworms. 
Lately the air has been filled with the sound of seagulls, making it seem like we're vacationing somewhere fancy near the ocean :)
The trees are full of these pretty little seed pod things - which obviously isn't the correct term for them, but that's what I call them :)
I can't wait until these vines turn green. They're slowly growing up the side of the old garage and even into one of the broken windows. The shingles are covered with pretty moss too. I love it :)
Everything is busy turning green and budding. The lawn seemed to turn green overnight. All of the rain we're getting is helping speed things along nicely :) 
I'm still keeping a really close eye on the lilacs :)

My veranda could really use a fresh coat of paint, but my to-do list is already too long to consider tackling that project. For now I don't really mind the distressed shabby chic look :)
Hope you're enjoying your week!

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